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About Formula XD 

Formula XD is a racing team strategy game for PC (and soon Mac). You'll take on the role of manager - hiring drivers, negotiating contracts with sponsors and engine suppliers, and making the big decisions necessary to keep your team above water. You'll issue orders to your drivers when they go out onto the track, and be responsible for guiding them to victory or defeat.

It won't be easy - you'll start at the bottom and fight your way through a long career, striving to win the Constructors' Championship title, or at least make your mark on the Wall of Fame. There'll be plenty of challenges along the way - not only will you be adjusting your drivers’ pace, fuel and tyre strategy in response to ever-changing race circumstances, you’ll also have to deal with extreme weather, sabotage, stray animals, food poisoning, and even terrorism. Can you manage? 

Game Features

  • Racing circuits set all over the world
  • Loads of drivers, sponsors and engine suppliers
  • Bright, colourful aesthetics
  • Vibrant audio and an energetic synth soundtrack
  • Get hired, buy a team, sell out, switch teams, it's up to you
  • Special abilities and game modifiers shake it up
  • Filled to the brim with puntastic humour

MacOS version to arrive at some point later for no additional charge.

1.3.12 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where driver 1 display panel could affect driver 2 display panel.

1.3.11 Changelog

  • Disabled test code that was forcing races to be 19 laps. Whoops.

1.3.10 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug relating to the rate of weather change.

1.3.9 Changelog

  • Fixed many bugs, including audio, keyboard shortcuts, improper tyre wear, some graphics issues, gameplay relating to the racing drivers.

1.3.8 Changelog

  • Fixed bug affecting scenarios Al Gore's Revenge and Fully Charged.
  • Removed mysterious clicking during championship initialisation.

1.3.7 Changelog

  • Fixed issue that can happen when using only one driver.

1.3.6 Changelog

  • Fixed bug where background for Alabamalapolis would not load.

1.3.3 Changelog

  • Fixed bug where cars would not be able to start to race at Immolato.

1.3.2 Changelog

  • Fixed bug where cars would follow the wrong circuit path at Immolato.

1.3.1 Changelog

  • Fixed serious bug affecting Sandbox mode only.

1.3.0 Changelog

  • Improved 'slow' pace so it's less hopeless.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Improved AI response to weather changes.
  • Other minor adjustments and fixes.

1.2.7 Changelog

  • Tweaked acceleration for smoother movement in corners.
  • Fixed some audio bugs.
  • Fixed some newspaper generation bugs.
  • Added more text content to radio, newspaper, etc.
  • Other minor adjustments and fixes.

1.2.6 Changelog

  • Fixed a fatal error at the end of a campaign.

1.2.5 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where certain things could be unlocked without meeting the prerequisites.
  • Made Monte circuit live up to its ascribed characteristics more faithfully.

1.2.4 Changelog

  • Fixed another bug where a variable was being wrongly checked.
  • Made small changes to increase difficulty.

1.2.3 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where one variable in AI team cars was checked before being set.

1.2.2 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where the game could crash at the end of a race showing errors for 'Player alarm 11'.
  • Fixed issue where game made a Steam request.

1.2.1 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if pitting at the end of the last lap.
  • Fixed a bug that triggers at the end of the championship when awarding certain unlockables.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash after skipping qualifying.

1.2 Changelog

  • Balance updates for car and driver performance, a new improved system of engine temperature management, and a number of other tweaks to improve the challenge.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs, including one where music would sometimes not play.
  • Re-enabled circuit BG mods.
  • Sweet new logo variant on the main menu.
  • Installer EULA update: now grants license to produce transformative works under'fair use' principles, in response to the impending EU Copyright Directive.

1.1.6 Changelog

  • Made adjustment to an earlier fix for cars finishing in wrong positions, which was itself prone to error when skipping race after cars begin to finish.

1.1.5 Changelog

  • Fixed a mysterious bug which caused the wrong circuit backdrops to appear. Circuit backdrop mods temporarily disabled while cause of problem is further investigated.

1.1.3 Changelog

  • Made adjustment to an earlier fix for cars finishing in wrong positions, which was itself flawed for lapped cars.

1.1.2 Changelog

  • Fixed a fatal error in creation of modding guide file.

1.1.1 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug causing a fatal error near the end of Career Mode.

1.1.0 Changelog

  • Added support for graphics mods - download the template on this page
  • Fixed bug which had the Career try to go on for too long, causing a fatal error (affected tutorial version only).

1.0.9 Changelog

  • Rocketproofed against situation where race results reportedly are inaccurate.
  • Fixed a bug where the sponsor Sum had its race position bonus set wrongly.
  • Outside the exe, removed the single 'Make Tea Not Love' from listing; this corrected version is now in the full OST file anyway.

1.0.8 Changelog

  • Bulletproofed against a situation where race results reportedly are inaccurate.
  • Fixed a fatal error caused by getting custom driver names at the wrong time.

1.0.7 Changelog

  • Made absolutely sure that the FXDcustomise.ini file is being read for driver/team names regardless of the state of FXDsave.ini.

1.0.6 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.0.4/1.0.5 where new car stats were not copied over at end of year.
  • Fixed screenshots being overwritten after game relaunch.
  • Rebalanced safety car speed
  • Fixed an issue where saving game settings without existing save data could crash the game.

Versions older than 1.0.6 not recommended for use.

Updated 13 days ago
Release date Aug 27, 2018
AuthorNitroglycerin Ltd.
GenreSports, Racing, Strategy
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Bfxr, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity
Tags2D, Funny, Management, Moddable, Real time strategy, Tactical, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksHomepage, Twitter


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