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What The Hell Have I Been Doing All This Time
To newcomers and returning players alike, I'll come right to the point - at launch, Formula XD wasn't all that I'd hoped it to be in terms of content, polish, o...
Formula XD 1.2.7 - sorry it's late
It's long overdue, but I've finally been able to deliver another update to Formula XD. There are all kinds of small improvements in this one, so it's definitely...
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1.1.2 - modding (after a couple of fixes)
After things settled down from the 1.0 release, I set about the task of delivering the first significant update, 1.1. The game had been designed so that key gra...
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1.0.7 - bulletproofed custom file & other fixes
Since the 1.0 release, there have been some issues cropping up about reading FXDcustomise.ini - in order to resolve these issues regardless of anything else (li...
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1.0.5 - I ticked the wrong box
Gaahhhhh. I'm sorry, guys. In the most recent builds, I accidentally had the 'Enable Steam' box ticked in the project settings. This will have caused the game t...
1.0.2 - tiny but crucial save game fix
Just a very straightforward update that I uploaded in a hurry as soon as I realised that closing the game shortly after changing the game settings could cause p...
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1.0.1 and a minor OST update
First of all, thanks to all those who've already purchased a copy of Formula XD! I hope you have a lot of fun whenever you play it. There was only one bug repor...
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