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1.1.2 - modding (after a couple of fixes)
After things settled down from the 1.0 release, I set about the task of delivering the first significant update, 1.1. The game had been designed so that key gra...
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1.0.7 - bulletproofed custom file & other fixes
Since the 1.0 release, there have been some issues cropping up about reading FXDcustomise.ini - in order to resolve these issues regardless of anything else (li...
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1.0.5 - I ticked the wrong box
Gaahhhhh. I'm sorry, guys. In the most recent builds, I accidentally had the 'Enable Steam' box ticked in the project settings. This will have caused the game t...
1.0.2 - tiny but crucial save game fix
Just a very straightforward update that I uploaded in a hurry as soon as I realised that closing the game shortly after changing the game settings could cause p...
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1.0.1 and a minor OST update
First of all, thanks to all those who've already purchased a copy of Formula XD! I hope you have a lot of fun whenever you play it. There was only one bug repor...
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