What The Hell Have I Been Doing All This Time

To newcomers and returning players alike,

I'll come right to the point - at launch, Formula XD wasn't all that I'd hoped it to be in terms of content, polish, or stability, but the only choice I had at the time was to publish it or to abandon the project altogether. But because of those shortcomings, I resolved to spend as long as it may take, to develop new content, adjust the balance of the game as needed, and fix whatever bugs I could identify. That's what I have been doing over the last year and a half, producing new content for an expansion to the game.

This expansion content includes a great number of new circuits, new drivers, gadgets, challenges, and six additional years, stretching into the classic turbo era and the new turbo era. It has been a very large undertaking.

Originally I intended for the expansion to be sold as an optional extra, but later decided that it was far more important to do right by existing players, who have had to put up with some rather irksome bugs since launch. So, while I have to some extent shied away from feedback, it is not that I have put my head in the sand but that I have buried myself in my work. What I've been doing since 2018 has been for you.

Before long, I expect to publish the expansion as a major update - but in the meanwhile, I have just published version 1.3.9, which, under the surface, is a big improvement. It addresses a lot of issues that have been around since the game's launch, and other issues inadvertently introduced in my previous haste to deliver fixes.

And there you have it - all I can say now is that I very much hope you will enjoy Formula XD for what it is - my first commercial game - and that it will make up for its previous shortcomings, and give you something fun and unique in its own way.

Nick Heathfield

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