1.0.1 and a minor OST update

First of all, thanks to all those who've already purchased a copy of Formula XD! I hope you have a lot of fun whenever you play it.

There was only one bug reported, and I also continued with my own bug testing and found some issues with something that won't crop up until finishing a Career mode playthrough (might take some time for players to reach). With everything else in the game apparently satisfactory, I fixed both problems and released 1.0.1.

Listening to the OST, I noticed that 'Make Tea Not Love' was mixed poorly. If you mix tea poorly, you would be better off with a fresh cup, so I reworked it. The OST has been updated, so new customers won't notice a thing, and it's also there as a standalone for those who only need to have the one file.

As a side note, there is also the inclusion of an FXDcustomise.ini file, in case you lose track of the default settings and would like to restore them.

That's all for now - I will of course be keeping an ear out for bug reports, and if you follow Nitroglycerin Ltd. on itch.io, you can be automatically notified of further updates.


Formula XD (Windows) 341 MB
Aug 29, 2018
Formula XD OST (20 tracks + 17 'radio edit' versions) 283 MB
Aug 30, 2018
16 Make Tea Not Love.m4a (fixed) 8 MB
Aug 30, 2018
FXDcustomise.ini (default values) 3 kB
Aug 29, 2018

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