MacOS version published

When the game came out in 2018, I promised that there would be a MacOS version. That was before Catalina came along and abolished 32-bit support, and unfortunately I am not in a position to port the game to 64-bit. It's a situation which seems to be all too common with Mac games. Nevertheless, here is the finally published MacOS version of the game, working on MacOS Mojave and older versions! And, a month after 1.4 Turbo has been released, the various new bugs introduced by Turbo's multitude of new features have all by now, to the very best of my knowledge, been fixed.

There will probably be one or two more very minor updates if any more bugs are reported, and the OST may be expanded to include the newer tracks, but this otherwise concludes the development of Formula XD. I'm embarking on another project, and I hope that what I've encountered and learned through the development and release of this game, gives me enough experience and wisdom to avoid the same errors and make something I can really be proud of.

Thank you.

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