Formula XD 1.2.7 - sorry it's late

It's long overdue, but I've finally been able to deliver another update to Formula XD. There are all kinds of small improvements in this one, so it's definitely recommended for all users. It also fixes some long-standing issues which will have affected some people more than others.

I should also apologise for the time it's taken to issue this update. In brief, my Macbook (on which I had developed the game from the very very beginning in 2012) suddenly decided that it would no longer boot Windows 7. There was no update that caused this, it just decided that backlit black screens were much more interesting than the Windows boot sequence. That even includes the W7 installation disc, so I was completely stuck.

In fact, I had to choose between abandoning my promises to keep Formula XD maintained with updates on one hand, and spending all of the revenue it had made hitherto (and more besides) on building a new PC so that I could carry on. Because I wanted to eventually build a PC anyway, I took the latter choice, and so, after finally getting something put together on time and under budget, I was able to return to making Formula XD updates.

I still hope to make a more ambitious expansion for it in 2019, and of course there is the promised Mac version, and that's still a matter of 'when', and not 'if'.

Thank you all very much for bearing with me in my first commercial endeavour - I remain, as ever, determined to make Formula XD one of the most entertaining racing team manager games out there.


Formula XD (Windows) 1.2.7 429 MB
Nov 13, 2018
FXDcustomise.ini (default values) 4 kB
Sep 20, 2018

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