1.1.2 - modding (after a couple of fixes)

After things settled down from the 1.0 release, I set about the task of delivering the first significant update, 1.1. The game had been designed so that key graphics could be swapped out from external files, but in 1.0 the actual mechanism for fetching mod files was not there. The game now looks for a "mods" directory and its contents to look for replacement files, and there's a default "mods" directory provided on the store page as a zip archive.

It's also worth noting that, included in that zip archive, are a number of Photoshop PSD templates for car images. You can of course do these graphics from scratch, but in order to have the driver helmets and numbers appear in the correct positions, it's useful to have these templates as reference at least.

At release, 1.1.0 had some fresh bugs (dumb rookie errors), but now with 1.1.2, it seems to be stable.


Formula XD (Windows) 1.1.2 341 MB
Sep 11, 2018
mods.zip 4 MB
Sep 10, 2018

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